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Friday, June 25, 2010

Portable Barbecue Table

The Grilling Season is upon us! Why make endless trips back and forth from the house to the grill because you can't fit everything on the little shelf that comes attached to your grill? Save yourself time and worry by keeping one of these handy barbecue tables with your grilling supplies. Made of cedar and finished with a clear lacquer coating, it is designed to hold all of the "extras" that you run out of space for when grilling. It folds for easy storage and fits into a slender spot to be out of the way when not being used. The handle on the front makes for easy transportation to and from the grill. Take it with you on picnics to hold your Coleman Gas Grill too! And take it to the park to be your barbecue mate next to the charcoal grills there.

For Sale at $75.00.

Please call for delivery options.

Kids Portable Picnic Table

This child's sized table can be moved (and even by the children!) to wherever you want to picnic. The table folds easily, and can be stacked with the benches for storing during the winter months. The table comes with two benches which are sturdy enough for adult use as well.
Built of Cedar and sealed with a clear lacquer finish, this piece of furniture is designed to withstand years of love and use as well as being a beautiful addition to your yard or deck.


A Bookshelf can be the best loved part of your home; and possibly the most visited area (aside from the kitchen). It can function solely as a bookshelf, or as an area to display beloved knick-knacks and collections. It can also change the look and feel of a room. This bookshelf was built and installed over three days and, because the wall behind it was the backside of stairs, the shelf system replaced previously unusable flat space. (And covered up some hideous wallpaper too!) Call Andrew at 503.849.7651 to find out how you can benefit from the addition of a custom built bookcase.
Prices vary and are dependent on size and time required to build the system.

Hallway Remodel

This home was built in the 1940's. As a result, the hallway seemed narrow, and there was no coat closet. Removing a door from the stairs (not shown) and modifying a pass through door to become a closet opened up the hallway and allowed for extra storage, increasing the value of the home. Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking can make these slight differences for you, too! Please call for an estimate or to discuss your remodel needs.

Economical Remodel Ideas

Wanting to Remodel but don't have the time or the money that an extensive remodel could be? Sometimes a change of paint and some beadboard, along with a built in and new window mouldings can be all that is needed to rejuvenate a home and brighten your spirits. Let Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking give you a bid on transforming your home from Old... to New.

The changes shown in these photos involved removing old wallpaper, adding beadboard, changing paint, and adding a custom built bookshelf. Approximate cost for this project? Less than $5,000. Because each home is unique, each remodel is also unique. Your remodel costs may be different than this little home, please call Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking to see how an economical remodel can add to the value of your home.

Installed Entertainment Center

This Entertainment Center was finished approximately two months ago. Let Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking design an entertainment center similar to this that would fill YOUR entertainment needs. Call Andrew at 503.849.7651 for some economical solutions to remodeling your living area.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Entertainment Center

This Entertainment Center is custom built using six different pieces. It is built in our shop and assembled on location at your home or office. Designed to house a television, it can be used as a bookshelf, knick-knack display, storage for movies, or an elegant way to display photos and precious items. Don't forget the hidden storage for things that may get a little messier when children (or grandchildren) are around... Let this beautiful Entertainment Center become the centerpiece of your living room!

Please call for an estimate, as prices vary based on the size of the entertainment center.