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Friday, June 25, 2010

Portable Barbecue Table

The Grilling Season is upon us! Why make endless trips back and forth from the house to the grill because you can't fit everything on the little shelf that comes attached to your grill? Save yourself time and worry by keeping one of these handy barbecue tables with your grilling supplies. Made of cedar and finished with a clear lacquer coating, it is designed to hold all of the "extras" that you run out of space for when grilling. It folds for easy storage and fits into a slender spot to be out of the way when not being used. The handle on the front makes for easy transportation to and from the grill. Take it with you on picnics to hold your Coleman Gas Grill too! And take it to the park to be your barbecue mate next to the charcoal grills there.

For Sale at $75.00.

Please call for delivery options.

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